As you may know, our team here at CleverClicks dedicates significant  time to developing our skills through conferences, reading, workshops and online digital marketing courses.

But it’s not always easy to tell which ones are going to be worthwhile – especially when it comes to the online courses.  

So we’ve gathered every team member’s honest opinion of what they really think about the last online course they took.

Steph Von Der Heyde – Head of Content & Client Experience

Course: Email Marketing Mastery, by Digital Marketer.


The course focuses on some basic email marketing concepts such as how to craft suitable emails and how to maintain the strong momentum of email marketing campaigns. It’s presented in a video format with presentation slides, which you watch before taking an exam at the end.

It also discusses a few more advanced topics such as how to implement systems which monitor the success rates emails, as well as how to segment your audience, and craft suitable emails for each segment.  

The Bad:

The course is very slow moving, with the video presentations taking quite long. Sometimes you’ll get a 30 minute explanation where it might’ve been better for the main points to be touched on, with the option for some additional slides if necessary.

The Good:

The course offers a lot of really good insight, even for people who have already been involved in a substantial amount of email marketing in the past.  


7/10 – Email Marketing Mastery is nice and helpful, although I wouldn’t say it’s revolutionised my career. Nevertheless, it is a worthwhile course and I definitely did learn some new things.

It’s probably most suited for beginners due to the slow-moving nature of it, despite it dealing with some complex issues.

Nicole Louw – Digital Marketing Specialist

Course: Conversion Rate Optimisation Mastery, by Digital Marketer.


This is quite an advanced course, with no option to choose an easier level. It focuses on how to test for conversion optimisation on your website (conversions being any website related goals achieved, ie contact forms filled out, or purchases made on the site etc).

The Bad:

Some concepts definitely could’ve been explained a bit more in depth, having only been touched on very slightly in some areas. They kind of just assume that you already have sufficient prior knowledge, which is why I’d say it’s an advanced course.

The Good:

Overall, the course is definitely worth it, and can be very beneficial.


8/10 – The course is very good and helped me a lot. I’d definitely recommend it to others, as long as they have some prior knowledge on the subject, or are willing to do some of their own research on any unclear concepts as they go along.

Anika Kruger – Creative Design

Course: User Experience Design Fundamentals, by Udemy (with UX expert, Joe Natoli).


This is a beginners course on product design, focusing on the process of designing a physical product from start to finish, and the steps involved in improving user friendliness.

The Bad:

Nothing bad to say about this course! The only unfortunate thing is that I’m not that involved in product design at the moment, so it might be a while until I can actually apply the knowledge I gained.

The Good:

The course really can’t be better for what it is. I gained a lot of knowledge in the whole process of product design. I’d be keen to take on the more advanced course by the same people, which would focus more on web design.  


8/10 – the course is very good and could help me a lot in the future. I’d have given it a 9/10 if I was actually more involved in product design!

Louise Stiglingh – Project Manager

Course: Social & Community Mastery, by Digital Marketer.


The course focuses on four main topics: social networking, social selling, social listening, and social influencing. There aren’t different levels of difficulty to take the course in, but anyone with a basic understanding of social media should be able to benefit from it.

The Bad:

The only downfall I can think of is that sometimes the videos were too long and possibly a bit repetitive.

The Good:

The tests are really great, and very challenging! The course as a whole is extremely informative.


8/10 – It was definitely worth taking the course, and I recommend it to anyone looking to improve their skills and knowledge in using social media for business.

While everyone knows what social media is, it’s a bit more technical than one would think. The course shows you what you can do with social media, and exactly why you’re doing it.

Naeem Dollie – SEO Expert

Course: Conversion Funnel Mastery, by Digital Marketer


The course focuses on the conversion process of a website; from capturing a lead to retaining it. A series of videos are used to explain concepts with the course ending in a test.

The Bad:

Nothing bad to say about the course!

The Good:

The Speaker, Ryan Deiss (co-founder of Digital Marketer) does a really great job in explaining every concept very clearly. I definitely benefited from listening to his great insight into website conversions.


8/10 – It’s a great course for anyone looking to improve their website’s conversion rate. Although in taking the course, it’s assumed that you already know a bit about the marketing process – there’s no beginner version that explains basic concepts.


Well it looks like everyone seems to have really enjoyed and benefited from their respective online courses!

If you’re looking to dive into one of the above courses, you can take our team’s word that you won’t be wasting your time.

Happy learning!

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