Google announced their most exciting new developments at their annual Marketing Next event and – Google being Google – their new products range from cool to downright space-agey.

We’re pleased to report that this year the powers-that-be have showered us with many exciting new Adwords features that can be used to seriously enhance and upgrade your digital marketing strategy.

Here are 5 we think everyone should use.

1) Google Attribution

One super exciting new product unveiled at Next was their new attribution modeling tool (Google Attribution), which looks pretty sleek and a lot more user-friendly than anything else we’ve seen.

It’s aimed helping you map your customers’ journeys (in both the digital and physical world) and from the demos it looks pretty darn powerful.

Google Attribution is free and will allow you to get a much better idea of your digital marketing efforts. Yay! What’s not to love?


2) Google Optimize x Adwords Integration

This was one of the most talked-about announcements to come out of Marketing Next.

Google Optimize (A/B testing software) will now integrate with AdWords, giving users more agility and flexibility in the world of landing page testing.

“With the Optimize and AdWords integration, you can quickly and easily create new versions of your landing pages and then apply them to any combination of AdWords campaigns, ad groups, and keywords – no coding required.” – Google

No coding required! Woop woop.  

Simplified landing page testing is the gift that keeps on giving, because it’ll allow you to continually upgrade your landing pages based on actual data – no just the capricious opinion of Greg from sales.

This is going to make many lives easier.

3) ‘Life Events’ Targeting In Gmail Ads and on YouTube:

There are certain behaviors that tend to indicate that ‘life events’ (like career moves, graduations, weddings, starting a business, and so on) are on the horizon.  

Well, Google picks up on these ‘life event indicators’ and will now allow you to target these people in Gmail Ads and on Youtube during the build-up to their big event.  

If your product or service could help someone at one of these major life events, Google says your advertising to them is mutually beneficial, and intends to help you capitalise on the moment before it passes.

Super in-depth targeting like this is always a profitability-maximiser and is something you should definitely be taking advantage of if you offer life-event-related products or services.  


4) In-Market Audiences:

In-market audiences (previously only a Display Network thing) help advertisers to find prospects who are nearing the end of the buying cycle, i.e. are ripe and ready for a conversion.

Well, these in-market audiences are now coming to the Search network. Hip hip hurrah!

Through the combination of search query data and activity analysis, Google will identify these hyper-valuable subsets of your target demo on the search network.

This, obviously, will give you a much better shot at picking this delicious low-hanging fruit.


5) New Landing Page Reports:

Here’s a super-actionable takeaway from Next:

Google have created an upgraded version of the PageSpeed tool and Adwords mobile landing page test.

Theses upgraded tests will provide upgraded suggestions for optimizing the load time for a specific page, and will allow you to review a site-wide usability report and even ask experts questions.

This will only be made available when their new Adwords User Interface is launched (in December 2017), but when it comes we suggest you make the most of it!

These, along with many other cool demos and exciting announcements, made Google Next an exciting event. To learn more about it, you can watch this:!/intro

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