Does your SEO report include:

Year on year organic traffic performance?
Year on year organic conversion performance?
Performance of organic conversions?
Branded versus non branded traffic & conversions?
High performing landing pages?
Underperforming pages?
How many keywords in the top 10 have improved or declined?
The monthly search demand for your primary keywords?
A content performance report?
How well your site visibility is improving in relation to your competition?


Do you know:

How many backlinks have been acquired for your site?
Which domains are linking to you?
Whether your links are from relevant domains?
Are the linking sites helping your rankings?
Are the links within Google’s guidelines?
Does your SEO company comment on other blogs as a source of links?
If some of your links were paid for?
Is your SEO agency exchanging links with other domains?
Are most of the links to your domain from directories?
If your SEO agency links to your site using websites that they own or manage?


Has your SEO agency recommended or implemented any of the following:

Using keywords in your domain name/s?
Creating multiple domains with the same or similar content?
Including long lists of keywords on a page?
Hiding text from the user?
Creating keyword focused pages just for ranking?
Using content from other sites without accreditation?
Linking out to unrelated websites?
Publishing automated content on your website?


Does your SEO agency:

Regularly fix broken links?
Redirect dead pages?
Add content to thin pages?
Improve pages load speeds?
Ensure the site is optimised for all devices?
Test forms to ensure they are functioning & converting well?
Report on pages with high bounce rates or low user engagement?
Ensure titles & meta descriptions accurately reflect each page’s content
Ensure URLs are short and concise?
Ensure copy is unique & free of errors?
Ensure pages are well structured with a clear hierarchy?
Ensure the site is easily navigable from menus?


Does your SEO agency:

Regularly create fresh content?
Encourage regular updates on your blog?
Track and measure content performance?
Promote your content?
Include images and other media in your content?
Take steps to increase your social media presence?
Create content for users, not just Google?
Optimise your content for local search?
Create content offers for customers to download?
Use videos, graphics and a varied range of content?
Create content to assist with link building?
Send all content to you to approve before they publish it?
Own the copyright to all the content?
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