The Client

Capstone Editing is a specialist academic editing company based in Australia, whose aim is to ensure that every document they edit is of exemplary quality and meets international publication standards.

Founded by Lisa Lines in 2017, Capstone Editing is the only Australian academic editing company owned
and operated by an academic. 

Phil, Ant, Steph, Naeem, Anton, Anika, Max and everyone I work with at CleverClicks are completely invested in the success of my business, almost as much as I am! 

It's like working with an extension of my own team,

not like working with an outside service provider at all. They understand my business inside and out.”

-Dr Lisa Lines, Director and Head Editor

The Challenge

Our SEO strategy with Capstone Editing began in early 2017 before their website had even been launched. They were
a brand new business that needed to break into the established and competitive market of academic editing in Australia, with a number of large players already dominating the industry.

As they were a new website without any authority, we knew it would be a huge challenge to gain market share against established competitors who had been around for years with frequently produced content and strong domain authorities.

The Results

Despite only launching their website last year, Capstone Editing met their 18-month revenue target one month early.

revenue graph

This was achieved because Capstone Editing’s website was built with a strong SEO strategy, as well as continuous and effective link-building efforts. Capstone Editing now has a large number of linking-referring domains, giving them a domain authority strong enough to compete and excel in their competitive online market.  

The website is ranking between first and second for one of their core services, 'thesis editing', as well as ranking on the first page of Google for the term ‘editing services’ across Australia.

Having launched only last year, Capstone Editing's rankings for their most important keywords are in the top 3 in Australia!                                                                                                                      

Our Solution

An aggressive SEO strategy was implemented for Capstone Editing months before the launch of the new website, primed to gain ground on competition and deliver revenue within the initial 6 months.

We agreed on an 18-month revenue target against which we would report on a monthly basis, and use as the benchmark for the success of our SEO strategy.

We also developed an ongoing 12-month plan which incorporated a revenue funnel that allowed us to set quarterly targets for traffic, leads and revenue.

A PPC strategy was implemented together with the SEO solution to drive revenue in the early stages of the website’s launch. We built landing pages and targeted competitive services while building the link profile and improving organic rankings.

Our SEO solution was to deliver a full keyword and competitor analysis, a link and content plan, as well as to develop detailed buyer personas.

Along with our link-building efforts, we consulted Capstone Editing on how they can build links using their industry network and scholarship programs.

Our final execution plan was focused on a number of high-impact deliverables, including:

Defining the optimal site architecture to outrank competition.

Content creation, including blog posts and videos to be published
in a short space of time.

Ensuring the site was technically sound according to SEO best practice.

A link-development plan to start building links and closing the gap in competitors referring domains.

Improving desktop and mobile pagespeed.

Continuous onpage and metadata recommendations and testing for improved rankings.

"Working with CleverClicks has been one of the absolute most significant determining factors in Capstone Editing's success. What they do is so vital that when starting my new business from scratch, I went without a wage for over a year so I could pay them before
I paid myself.

And it was the best investment I could have made. Capstone Editing has surpassed all the goals we set for its first 18 months, and we couldn't have done so without CleverClicks."

- Dr Lisa Lines, Director and Head Editor