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The Client

Bushman Tanks are water and industrial tank specialists who create and supply rainwater, fertiliser and chemical storage tanks to households, businesses and farms across Australia.

The Challenge

When we first started with Bushman Tanks in 2014, they were underperforming in organic search and not ranking well for their most profitable keywords.

They were running costly Google Ad campaigns to compensate for poor organic performance, but these were not performing at the desired level.

The key challenges hampering effective organic performance were widespread duplicate content, pervasive thin
pages, and content that was not optimised according to SEO best practice. On top of these core issues, they had
minimal visibility in search engines for keywords relating to their high priority products, such as ‘steel water tanks’
and ‘poly water tanks’.

The user journeys for Bushman Tanks’ priority audiences had not been critically considered upon the original website’s design. The website was catering for all buyers concurrently, resulting in a suboptimal conversion rate.

The website’s backlink profile was unhealthy with a fair number of toxic links needing to be removed and replaced with healthier links of better quality. In the past, Bushman Tanks had struggled to create content and linkable assets that appealed to a wide audience; given that their industry is fairly technical and not particularly flashy.

At that time the Bushman Tanks website was also using a highly customised CMS that was not SEO friendly. This was resulting in additional problems such as crawl errors, duplicated content and poor UX.

Our Solution

Following a thorough audit of their digital presence, CleverClicks put together a detailed strategy for Bushman Tanks, covering the fixes, changes and enhancements that needed to be done to overcome these issues and raise visibility for high-value keywords.

Working with Bushmans’ staff and their developers in the early stages of our execution, we tackled technical issues and critical changes such as:

Resolving the
widespread duplicate
content issues with fresh,
optimised content.

Adding additional
valuable content to
thin pages.

Assisting Bushmans in a
website migration to

Implementing various
on-page optimisation

Detoxifying the website’s
backlink profile (still
critical in 2014-17).

Improving desktop and
mobile page speed

In order to improve organic rankings for pages targeting high priority keyword groups, and drive more valuable leads through these pages, the CleverClicks content team compiled recommendations on creating sales-oriented copy on the website’s commercial product pages, providing valuable information for users in various stages of the buyers funnel.

In addressing the issue of the limitations in the website’s design to accommodate for the various buyer personas and user journeys, our UX and technical dev team compiled an extensive scope for the designing of a new website which would address these issues.

We were involved in the screening and approval of web design and development agencies and us worked very closely with them to ensure the website was designed inline with our recommendations.

  • We also performed extensive industry and market research to find a content angle that Bushmans could use to create brand-related content that was also exciting to users. Once these themes had been brainstormed, researched and agreed upon, we assisted with blog writing and asset creation and were able to use these - with great success - in our link building efforts.
  • We also developed a PPC strategy which would better target Bushman’s various buyer personas through creating targeted landing pages and an account structure which complemented this approach.
  • The combination of technical fixes, improved website structure, on-page optimisation, content creation and link building resulted in some pretty fantastic results for Bushmans.


Results have been extremely positive for Bushman Tanks with keyword rankings improving massively, resulting in a significant increase in organic traffic and a 104% increase in monthly organic leads.

The impact of our copy recommendations was a significant contributor in the new leads earned for Bushman Tanks through the website.

The impact of our copy recommendations was a significant contributor in the new leads earned for Bushman Tanks through the website.

Rankings for their priority keyword Water Tanks increased to 1st
position on Google across the various Australian states, while organic rankings for their high priority term Steel Water Tanks jumped from the second page of Google to the top 3 positions across Australia.

These improvements, among others, contributed towards a sharp increase in the number of high quality leads coming in through the website on a daily basis.

Our PPC strategy in Google Ads has also been a major success, with Bushman Tanks paying 37% less for every new lead through paid search, delivering an outstanding return on their investment.

We also helped Bushman Tanks launch several impressive link assets and have used these assets very successfully in our link building campaigns. As storage tank manufacturing isn’t the sexiest of industries, we chose to focus on the water-saving angle, which we knew would be in line with the brand and popular with a wide range of link targets.

Australian rainfall map

Link building is widely regarded as the most difficult process in any SEO strategy, but we’re chuffed to say that these link assets have done their job - even getting some very high authority links from .gov domains.

Bushman Tanks have been a fantastic client to work with and we couldn’t be happier that their company is flourishing, despite difficult times in their industry.

Such is the power of a well thought out digital marketing strategy, and having the right team execute that strategy to drive a noticeable impact on revenue.

" The key to their success is they listen to their client, they are totally open with their communication and the information they provide and their project management systems ensure projects get completed on time and on budget."

Chris Glenn, Managing Director of Bushmans Group