Are you struggling to get your SEO performance up to scratch?

Do you wish you knew enough to work better with your agency?

Are you still not seeing the best Return on investment?

Don’t lose hope. There is a way out!

Our SEO training course will empower you with the skills you need to understand and improve your own SEO results.

How our SEO training works:

Our customised SEO training will give you and your staff all the tips and techniques they need to update their skills, improve their strategies, keep up with any outsourced agency and improve your SEO results.

Sceptical? We’re so confident in our training that we offer a full money-back guarantee should you feel you didn’t get enough out of the session. No excuses!

We’ve trained companies who know very little about SEO and want to know everything from the ground up, as well as those who know plenty and are looking for advanced SEO tips. Our training program is made to fit your desired learning outcome.

Our SEO training workshop will be provided on site (in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne) or at our centrally-located Sydney premises in The Rocks. If you’re not based in these areas (or not even in Australia) we’re happy to train you online (via GoToMeeting webinar software).

We will send you a questionnaire so we can get familiar with your business, review your website, scan your inbound link profile, deep dive into your analytics and Google Search Console to find out exactly what it is you’re missing BEFORE we start thinking about the training.

We’ll then speak with you by phone before the workshop to create a custom training plan based on your individual needs as a company. It’s all completely customized.

What we can cover:

Keyword research

Tap into your industry’s search demand to establish what search queries your customers are using to find your products and services.

Competitor analysis

Find out the hidden secrets to why your competitors are ranking so highly and leverage (er… “copy”…) any smart strategies for your own business.


Learn how content feeds your SEO strategy, how to create content for searchers at different stages of the sales funnel and how to deliver linkable assets to drive up your site authority.

Technical SEO

Learn the best practices to ensure Google (and other search engines) can effectively crawl, index and rank your site.

Page speed

Get the mobile and desktop versions of your site loading at lightening speed to ensure your visitors have a pleasurable experience when browsing your site.


Learn the most effective link building strategies to drive up performance and find out how to identify and eradicate low quality links that could be hurting your site.


Get to know the best SEO managing and monitoring tools inside out in order to gain better insights and minimise unnecessary manual work.

Architecture & site layout

Discover the weaknesses in your site architecture and learn how best to structure your site to get your content crawled, indexed and ranked effectively.

Onpage planning

Learn about best practice titling and tagging your web pages to increase their relevancy for particular search queries.

Local presence

Optimise your site, get visibility in Google maps and update your business information to fast track your visibility for local search queries

Mobile SEO

Learn about best practice titling and tagging your web pages to increase their relevancy for particular search queries.

Social Media

Learn social best practices and how to leverage these to drive more traffic and increase shares, links and conversions.


Learn everything you need to know about Google’s penalties – including how to reverse an algorithmic or manual penalty and how to avoid it happening again.

Google search console

Get intimate with Google search console and learn how to utilise this tool to get the best insights, as well as manage your site’s presence in Google’s index.

Google Analytics

Get to grips with Google Analytics, learn key metrics for measuring seo success and find out how not to get lost or overwhelmed in the abundance of data.

The best investment you’ll ever make
is in yourself.
Start today! Drop us your details below & we’ll take it from there.

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