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We consult on a range of specialist topics relating to SEO, inbound marketing, content & social media marketing, link building and conversion optimisation. Some of our consulting services include:

Site Health & Penalty Assessment

A clean bill of health means the site is penalty-free and can be crawled, indexed and ranked effectively for targeted keywords. In our Site Health Check we evaluate the site against a series of key factors that may lead to poor performance in search engines. If the site is flagged for any of the critical items, we develop strategies to resolve these as a matter of urgency and provide professional advice on how to avoid this in future. Factors we may evaluate include: crawl and indexation issues, duplicate content, Google penalties and poor coding.

Technical Consulting

When consulting on the site’s technical SEO status, we evaluate the site against SEO technical best practices, incorporating factors such as information architecture and keyword optimisation.

Social Media Consulting

Visibility and mentions within social media can deliver quality visitors and leads, increase brand credibility and influence search rankings. It’s important to manage social profiles or pages in relevant spaces to promote the website and brand, use social platforms to share content, and engage in two-way communication with target audience. We’ll help you develop and implement a strategy that works for you.

Content Strategy

Content serves many valuable purposes: to rank for relevant keywords, to attract social shares to reinforce credibility & thought leadership, and to nurture a loyal following. Having a healthy balance of various types of website content will drive conversions on your sales pages, attract shares and links on your informational content as well as nurture leads into conversions over time.
Backlink Profile Evaluation & Link Building Strategy

Backlinks (links from other sites to yours) have a major influence on top search engine rankings. The best practices are to create a diverse link profile of relevant, quality sites that exercise high levels of editorial control.

But that’s not all. Every website is different and we will adapt our consulting services to your individual business needs – leaving no stone unturned. When you engage with us you deal with an experienced and very human SEO expert, not just a trainee using a series of tools and consulting a checklist.

Trust us, it’ll be the most in-depth consultation you’ve ever had!

But if you’re outside these areas or even outside Australia we’re more than happy to make our meetings digital!

Contact us about our SEO Consulting Services on (02) 8776 3221 or make an online enquiry.

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