By now we will all be a little bit more familar with Google’s recently introduced search results page redesign.

Unless you’ve been walking the Kokoda trail for the past 2 weeks, you’d have seen that Google has included a left hand navigation to target different types of searches.

I know that some folk like this new design and some don’t, and more folk will probably like it over time as they get used to it. However, that is not really my concern (whoops, did I just say that?). It is most likely here for a while – even if it may undergo some further minor tweaks.

What is important though, is what this redesign means for YOUR business and YOUR online marketing strategy.

Implications for your strategy:

1. Your organic search traffic may DECLINE

Someone is more likely to search one of the left navigation menu items than when they were less noticeable at the top of the page (eg do a “Video” search  on “Go To Meeting software”, or do a “Map” search for “pizza Sydney”). That means they will get different search results than before.

Search results that may or may not have your listing in.

Recommended actions:

=> Start planning how you can get into the different sub categories of search results (eg start a blog?).

=> Monitor your rankings in these sub categories as well your existing rankings.

2. SOCIAL strategies have become more important

Google has increased it’s focus on real time search results by including the sub categories “Updates” and “Discussions”. These sub categories give the user more power to search the conversations happening on the web. Yes, you guessed it, on services like Twitter. So, if your website is a brochure site (ie with static content) and you’re not part of the conversation, you have been left further behind.

Recommended action

=> Pay closer attention to what others are saying about your brand online. “Online Reputation Management” just got more important.

=> If you haven’t started being “social” (eg blog, Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, forums) you may want to reconsider this decision.*

* Yes, this is a BIG decision to make. It takes a lot of time to be “social” on the web. And I am fairly sure that spare time is not something you have oodles of. You need to ask yourself, how serious are you about getting your website to be a lean mean lead generating machine?  Having worked with lots of different types of websites, I believe the days of putting up a simple static website and paying for AdWords and having the money roll in, are well and truly over.

3. You really need to pay attention to UNIVERSAL search

Universal search (sometimes called “Digital Asset Optimisation” by consultants wanting big bucks) which includes images, videos, maps has been around a good few years. However many business owners and marketers have still not paid enough attention to this very effective online marketing strategy. Hopefully the redesign has just shaken you awake to the opportunities.

Recommended action

=> Learn how to optimise images and video, and CLAIM YOUR LOCAL LISTING!

What other implications we have ignored?

By Philip Shaw

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