Back from afternoon tea. Oh my god, strawberry yogurt shots!!! 17 chocolate eclairs not too bad either.

Barry, you’re a genius.


Speaker = Des O’Dell, from Bruce Clay Australia

  • 86% of all search queries had a universal element (in a recent test).
  • 39% of links relate to universal search.
  • If you’re not optimising, you’re missing out big time.
  • Universal = local search maps, images, news, video.
  • Showing a screen shot for “cameras”, with lots of real estate taken up with universal.
  • Google has said they will do even more universal going forward.
  • Landing page with a video (engagement object) will rank higher.
  • More charts on how common universal search is in current search results.
  • Universal optimisation is especially important for competitive phrases.
  • If you want to rank for a video, use the word video in your text (as well as the the keyword). Good tip.


Speaker =Monte Huebsch

  • About 62% of time local maps come up, so optimising for your local business is really valuable.
  • Since April 2009, Google has been sourcing local data from Yellow Pages.
  • Google renamed Local Business Centre to Google Places yesterday.
  • Great local SEO resource
  • Completeness of information is a very important ranking factor.

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By Philip Shaw


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