Wow, lunch was sensational. The Hilton knows how to do it. I’ve been to many conferences and, hands down, that’s the best conference lunch ever. Good work, Barry.


Speaker = Rod Jackman

  • Rod shows some electronic stores landing pages. Bad results. Some still sending to home page!
  • And now some travel sites showing very untargetted landing pages. If your visitor is searching for Mediterranean holidays, send them to a Mediterranean holiday landing page.
  • Negatives are critical. Holidays in Turkey, need lots of negatives about “cooking turkey”.
  • With some simple programming, you can create dynamic landing pages that include the actual search term of the searcher.
  • A visitor who has been to your site 5 times may warrant different treatments. Use info in the UTMA cookie. (This is advanced Google Analytics.)
  • I think he could be explaining a little more on how to implement some of these tips.


Speaker = Andrew Goodman (He wrote the book on Google AdWords. Literally.)

  • You may think Quality Score (QS) optimisation is tedious, but take heed, your competitors will not be doing this. Keep going. You will succeed.
  • Running through history of QS.
  • Main factor in QS is your click-through rate (CTR).
  • Brand terms get good CTR. Therefore good for your QS. Make sure you have targetted all your brand terms.
  • Tight relationship with KEYWORDS -> ADS -> LANDING PAGES. This really is THE key to successful AdWords.
  • Myth -> don’t avoid the Content Network because CTR is lower.


Speaker = Frederick Vallaey (AdWords Evangelist at Google)

  • Average 1-2% conversion rate across the web. This means 98% of visits don’t convert!!!
  • As Avinash would say “coz your website sucks”.
  • GO is a free tool, but it is still enterprise class, some of the biggest companies in the world use it.
  • Use advanced segmentation, it’s a great feature.
  • The new Intelligence Reports will send you alerts if certain traffic or goals are achieved. Saves you time.
  • GO is a metrics-based approach to test different elements on your landing page.
  • Does your landing page have ONE CLEAR GOAL?
  • Which page should you test? Look at the Top Landing Page report in Google Analytics. Then look at Funnel Visualisation to see which page people are leaving.
  • Heat maps show that people don’t read they scan. So make your pages scanable (white space, less text).
  • If you have an image, place the call-to-action near the image!
  • GO also enables you to do easy A/B testing (ie 2 different landing pages).
  • You should always preview your combinations before you start the test (ie text could be the same colour as the background).
  • Don’t be afraid to make bold changes.
  • (I’m tiring, need caffeine…)

By Philip Shaw


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