We thought what better way to celebrate our first blog posting on our revamped website than to discuss why we get so damn excited about Google AdWords, and most importantly – why you should too! In our humble opinion, AdWords is the most incredible direct-marketing platform of all time, for a few reasons:

1. Fast & Inexpensive Set-up
You can be getting targetted traffic and be making profitable sales within hours. If you know AdWords inside out, you can advertise new products and services in under an hour. And there is practically no set-up cost (besides your time). If anyone can tell us of any other advertising channel in history that is so quick and cheap to get to market, we’ll eat our shorts.

2. Instant Feedback & Low Cost of Mistakes
Paying a few grand to plan, record and air a radio advertisement that gets minimal response for a business is not much fun. Likewise for a print campaign. Paying lots of cash up-front, then waiting to see if you got all the components 100% right is pretty risky.

AdWords provides instant feedback. Is no one clicking your ads? There is no cost – you don’t incur anything until your ads are clicked. Just write better ads. Are people clicking but not buying? Then use your online tools to work out why. Wrong keywords? Wrong landing pages? Test new ones.

Limit your daily budget until you have proved AdWords is profitable, and only then start increasing it.

3. Budget Flexibility
Are you running at capacity for the next two weeks? No problem! Take 10 seconds to pause your campaign, and then resume it whenever you require more sales leads. Perhaps one of your products is out of stock – then pause only the ads relating to that product. Or do you want to direct more money into marketing your services in New Zealand? Simply adjust your budgets.

4. Precise Geographical Targetting
AdWords’ geographical settings allow you to target an incredible range of areas – from regions, countries and states down to cities, post codes or even your own customised map. And you can set different budgets to each of these geographies if required. Do you know any other advertising medium with such power?

5. De-risking a new business
Are you considering launching a product line or service? Test the market demand with an AdWords campaign in that area and a well thought-out landing page. If you get good interest, you’ve just de-risked your launch.

6. Dedicated & Focused Advertisers are Rewarded
As more and more businesses experience the incredible world of AdWords, the increased competition is making it more important to closely manage your campaigns.  Google constantly release new functionality that gives dedicated advertisers an edge over their competitors. You can be sure that many of your competitors are not as focussed as you are. This presents a big opportunity as long as you keep your focus.

7. Measurability – the Holy Grail
AdWords (and online marketing in general) is very measurable. Each keyword impression, click, click-through rate and conversion can be measured. If you change one word in the headline of your ad, you WILL see a difference in performance. Add a few negative keywords to improve the quality of your traffic and you WILL see a difference.

Combine Adwords reporting functionality with an analytics tool like Google Analytics, and you’ll have more data than you can poke a stick at. And by constantly focusing on the right data you’ll beat your competitors hands down!

Have we missed any??


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