It’s been pretty well established that content marketing is an extremely effective tool in growing your brand.

However, not all companies are entirely on board with the concept of it. Some say it’s too time consuming, or simply not worth it.

But there are tons of well known benefits of content marketing, and also a few lesser-known benefits:

1. Creates a brand tribe

Content marketing allows companies to do an amazing thing: prove their authority on something they feel passionately towards, and create a following of consumers who share those same values.

This allows the company to form a ‘tribe’ of consumers who identify with their brand, and offer an increased brand loyalty.

A great example of this can be seen by Deloitte’s social responsibility program, The Deloitte Foundation. They’ve created this initiative in order to contribute positively to the world’s social and economic well-being. They pride themselves on their disaster relief and national partnerships with community organisations.

The content created around this stands to resonate with millions of consumers who share the same values, who might then be fully committed to supporting Deloitte above their competitors!

2. Generates new retargeting lists

Retargeting is an amazing tool. Have you ever found yourself clicking on an ad for something, and then seen that ad show up later on a completely different website? That’s retargeting.

Content marketing is a great way to make use of retargeting.

You can create retargeting lists based on which consumers have looked at which specific pieces of content. This allows you to show certain ads to the right people, based on whichever content they’ve engaged with.

3. Builds awareness for niche industries

For those of you in a niche industry, it’s probably everything in your life. But trust me when I tell you, millions of consumers have never even heard of it.

By implementing a solid content marketing campaign, you can use it as a platform to make people aware of your industry. It’s a way to solve the problem of people not knowing they have a problem, until you tell them it’s possible to solve it. This opens the door to thousands of new consumers who are now aware of your industry, and more importantly, you.

So if we look at a random niche product like Biometric Scan Software, no one really knows what that is… (it protects people against identity theft). By creating some great value-adding content around that product, consumers become aware of the industry, and the brand behind the content.

4. Powers social media

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool, and goes hand-in-hand with any successful content marketing campaign. It’s the mechanism that drives your content through the right channels, and to the right people.

Creating amazing content gives your social media team the chance to post amazing things on your social media, tempting people to hit that follow button, and learn more about your brand.

But creating a noteworthy following on social media can however be extremely difficult and time consuming, which tends to discourage companies early on. But we urge you to persevere!

Once your social media presence gains some traction, it should snowball it’s way to full potential in no time.

5. Increases your chance of being featured in a google snippet

Google does a very good job in providing their users with the best user experience possible.

You’ve probably seen their snippet box; where you ask Google a question and the answer instantly appears at the top? Appearing in one of those things can do wonders for your traffic.

The final benefit of content marketing that can’t be ignored, is appearing in one of those things.

The more quality content you have that provides answers to questions users might be searching for, the higher your chances of appearing in a Google snippet box. Sounds simple, right?

Well, it isn’t easy. But we think we have a pretty good idea of how it’s done, so we put together a blog post of everything you need to know about it!


A final point I’d like to leave you with is that content marketing can’t be done half-heartedly; you need to go all-in to reap the full benefits!

Having your content writing done in-house helps a great deal.

And the final thing you need, is patience.

Good luck!


About Steph Von der Heyde

Our resident wordsmith’s love of digital lured her over from advertising to the online space, where she fell in love with content marketing. Since coming to the online world Steph has made her mark on all outgoing CleverClicks copy and is passionate about using words to build brands. Her obsession with the writing is rivaled only by her love of trail running, yoga and green juice. When she’s not submerged in content strategy you’ll find Steph in Downward Dog.

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